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Our mission here at Trudico is to support organizations out of the Rural landscape, bringing the best of technology while minimizing migration, providing the best to both people and organizations.

Trudico wire logo
Trudico wire logo

Team TRUDICO brings unique blend of business, technology and fortune 20 expertise to help you. The team has several decades of experience in building products, product management, ecommerce, self-service, technology & strategy leadership.

Organizations benefit from a talent pool with diverse thought process, a committed workforce that loves the flexibility of being closer to family and friends, the reduced carbon footprint by going hyperlocal from a talent standpoint and helping solve for urban challenges of congestion and pollution to say the least are how we help organizations contribute for a healthier and happier society and environment.

We cater to IT & Digital Transformation needs of SMB & enterprises.

What we do
IT Services & Consulting

IT Services & Consulting

Rethink, Reimagine & Reinvent Your Digital Strategy/ Solutions With Us.

Analytics & Innovation

Analytics & Innovation

Innovate & Lead In Your Business Space With Our AI Driven Analytical Expertise.

Talent Transformation

Talent Transformation

We Help Identify & Fulfill Business-Aligned, Agile Talent Transformation.

Our Expertise

Provide your customers a consistent best experience they deserve.

1How can Trudico help you in the journey?
At Trudico, we understand the IT ecosystem you have, and add the best of today's technology possibilities to give a wow Digital experience.
We help to plan on the right technologies and reuse as much as possible, to reduce cost with absolutely no compromise on the customer experience while driving business value.
We help you to continuously monitor the usability & efficiency of the systems, evolving technologies and customer delight scores to have an optimized IT Infrastructure and investment supporting your business operations and expansions.
No transformation would succeed without transforming the people who run it, at trudico we understand this well and help with your talent transformation needs to succeed in the Digital World.
Quality is an integral part of everything we do.

We help you to build a reliable digital infrastructure that gives a smooth experience to your customers and supports your future needs.

  • Scalable Architecture & System Integrations
  • Business Key Metrics & Reporting Framework
  • Customer Privacy & System Security

It's just common sense, but only when you have the understanding of your business performance and competition in the market.

Each business is unique, requiring you to identify the data that needs to be captured at the right time, processed and provided as an actionable insight.

Anything you can measure, can be managed, and that's the base to progress positively. We help you build the right set of tools, processes to identify and collect your business KPIs, necessary reporting to understand your performance.

We enable you to take decisive actions that have best possible outcomes for both your business growth and customer engagement.

Technology is growing at a faster pace today. Having your systems upgradable and agile can help your business to harness the next gen tech benefits.

It also gives customers an unique experience, increasing loyalty and enables you to lead the digital era than being left behind. Understand more from us and identify opportunities you have that are worth investing for.

Why us

We're just not passionate about but also have expertise and experience.

Our goal is to provide businesses with opportunities in near future and long term strategies

  • Digital is the way to go forward and we are here to help build the edge
  • We enable companies to build analytical infrastructure for better decisioning
  • We help organizations to transform their talent for digital needs
Why Trudico
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ABOUT Trudico

Trudico was founded in 2020, to help organizations needing Digital and Innovation Expertise to go through a successful Digital, Business & Talent Transformation.

The name TRUDICO is derived from The RUral DIgital COmpany. The founders envision to support organizations out of the Rural landscape bringing the best of technology while arresting migration providing the best of both worlds to both people and organizations.